I need help! I so much want to like Rhino 6

Hi everyone, I need help. I still havn’t bought Rhino 6. For everyone who knows me this is very strange. I am a real Rhino fanboy. I work full time with Rhino for 14 years. Rhino 4 and Rhino 5 I bought the same day when it was released.

With Rhino 6 things are different. Everytime I gave it a try I cancelled it because it was just not usable in my setup or my way of working. I really want to like it but I would need to change so many things (basically 90% of all my files and blocks, nearly 100% of my personal plugins) that I just don’t use it.

I would certainly go through the pain of making it work for me if there would be some killer features I just can’t live without. Problem is I never participated in the WIP process of Rhino 6 so I must have missed a lot new stuff. So now my question to all of you: What features makes it a must to go for the upgrade?

I know about Grasshopper integration, Cycles, the new display engine, SubD, Make2D… but I rarely use GH, if I need to render I use Vray (which doesn’t work in Rhino 6), I don’t work with meshes and I have spend 14 years teaching my clients that 2D and 2D DWG are concepts from the past and it’s time to move on.
Snapshot could be a nice feature, but it doesn’t work well with worksessions (hidden reference objects are not saved) and almost all my projects are worksessions.

But that can’t be all. Rhino 6 took 5 years to come out. So there must be more power features I just don’t know about. Can please someone point me to the good stuff?

Thanks, Tobias


Its much faster and Just about everything is smoother.
Curve piping is cool too. and Dimensions also have a few new tricks

V-Ray works in Rhino 6.

I don’t recall this being reported before. If you have I missed that completely.

I have Vray 2.00.25251 which doesn’t work in Rhino 6. I would need to purchase v. 3.6 to use it in Rhino 6

control+shift lets you select within a group and give it an individual material.

Yes indeed

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control+shift sub-object selection is already in V5. I use it all day…

extrude some curve. cap give it a material. Now Control+shift a side and give it another material.If that works for you in v5 please share.Thanks

V-Ray 3.6 is sooooo much better… … … Try the evaluation version, you can upgrade for €200 or for free if you’ve bought V-Ray between 1.11.2015 and 8.3.2017.


To be hones I don’t understand what you mean. If you say that it’s possible to assign multiple materials to an polysurface that would be kind of special. I just tried it but can’t get it work.
Can you post an example?

Hi Jonas, I checked the chaos group site and the upgrade is 250 BUT it’s an annual license. Shelling out 250 every year is not worth it for me.

Yep, pretty much all plug-ins will need to be adapted. That is also to be expected after 5+ years of development, core functions get changed and modernized, operating systems also change. As they say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs…

But I understand your feelings, many of the V6 new features are not something my personal workflow needs either. But there are a bazillion smaller refinements that I like very much, and I am also happy to have access to some new scripting/programming methods. So for me, V6 is an evolution, not a revolution.

Educational licenses are annual - commercial licenses are “perpetual” as far as I know - unless they changed something…

multi.3dm (524.4 KB)

done just now

I don’t know how you do this. I tried with a box (as extrusion object and polysrf), doesn’t work. :frowning:

Edit: Ok. Got it working. With your materials it does work. Maybe thats part of “need to change 90% of my files”…

But thats a nice feature. Disadvantage is that I can’t save this as V5 and if I want to render in Vray I have to do it in V5 (see above)

Ok. I know that some things have to change an develop. Ok. But the fact that I can’t use an underscore in a command name is a deal breaker for me.

Does not seem to work when dragging. But try to Control shift a side then choose material right click and apply to object

You answered too fast :slight_smile: See my edit of my last answer. Got it working

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