RHINO V6 vs V5!



Hi all,
Beside of Grasshopper being inside Rhino, the high speed performance, and the new display modes enhancing, is there any other difference that make the user easy jump and upgrade form V5 to V6 knowing that he’ll lose some CO_oL plugins as T-Splines which not supported in V6 any more?



I like the ability to close a model and make it “watertight” with tools like RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges and JoinEdge that actually seems to join edges. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve tested JoinEdge, exported the model into other CAD programs and the joined edges stay joined. I find it much easier in V6 to close a model to make a “solid” than it was in V5.

(Joaquin Laborda) #3

Match surface with history is a great improvement for me, and I also like the new Make 2D performance and cleaner result.


Extend Surface works very well and, I am impressed with the way filleting edges work in V6.


Control points ON for curves and making point to line and then to solid via cntrl drag.
And esc key actually stops heavy process without having to wait till you get error message.
Other personal favorite is preset Rendering material and environment and cycles.
Have been able to stop my temptation for buying render plugin for now.


Make2d and importing large dwg files is x times faster.
Besides all the features described in the marketing material (https://www.rhino3d.com), there are tons of small improvements, like for instance to show edges in display modes, but exclude tangent edges and seams (that kinda spoiled the images when creating screenshots to send to clients, think cylinders and spheres…) That’s only one of many many neat little improvements that make your rhino life easier.


I like commands like Distribute, Isolate and OffsetMultiple Quite a lot.