Rhino 7 upgrade educational

Hi everyone,
I read on the forum that Rhino 7 is out and ready to be bought!

Is it true? and if so can I already upgrade my educational licence?

I wasn’t able to find the shop page for rhino 7 yet, can anyone link it to me if there’s one already? So I can read the conditions and the pricing before buying.

Thank you very much, Riccardo.

https://www.rhino3d.com/sales/ should get you there

Thanks, but I saw that one, I only read rhino 6 there which I already have, what am I missing?

Reload the page?

Nope, it’s not working, I tried logging in from phone and PC and I still see Rhino 6 only

OK, don’t know why that is the case, in any case the V7 info is supposed to be up there. Maybe contact your local reseller or e-mail sales@mcneel.com.

thanks a lot for the help and the contact, I’ll post eventual updates here.