Unable to display 4 viewports(3 showing)

I have just updated to 5.2 and when opening a particular file it only
displays perspective, right and front. I have a blank space where the top view should be.
I can access the top view from the top lefthand view port list, but can’t get the top viewport to display with the rest.
Rob K

Hi everyone,
I have opened the file in question in my windows Rhino and the ‘top’ viewport appeared floating on top. I resized all 4 ports and saved the file. I reopened in Rhino 5.2 for Mac and it opened with all viewports showing and the Layout panel floating on top also depicting the ‘Top’ view. It must be file specific because other files I opened displayed normally.
Anyway, all is good.

Thanks Rob K

Thanks for the report… if possible, can you share the file with me at tech@mcneel.com ? I know you fixed the issue already but it would be good to figure out why it happened or if it is possible to restore the views in Mac Rhino directly. Please just reference this forum thread and say for BrianJ if you can share the file.