Restore Viewports?

Hi all, I’m trying to adjust to Rhino for mac but I can’t seem to find a way to restore my viewports like I used to do in the windows version. On the windows version, I can change the views anyway I want, but as soon as I click the “4 viewports” button (_4view) it restore my viewport to the initial settings (top, perspective, front, right) with their respective cplane orientations. How can I do a similar thing in Rhino for Mac? The Rhino Mac not only doesn’t restore my views but sometimes changing the views manually it also reorient my cplanes (then I have to synchronize them again). I believe the answer must be very straightforward (if so, sorry about that), but its is driving me crazy. Thank you very much. Any help is appreciated.

4View has not been implemented in Mac Rhino yet.
It is on the list.
Other than manually changing the viewport settings, the only work-around is to make a new 3dm file with the same unit and tolerances, then Copy/Paste your geometry into the new file.

Thank you for your prompt reply John, really appreciated.
It’s really bad that this basic feature still doesn’t exist…I’ll work around this meanwhile.

There as a long list of items that were deemed not important enough to postpone release for another year or more.
Since this was easily worked-around, it made the “not critical” list.