Need Help with Geodesic Spheres in Rhino

I am having trouble controlling a geodesic sphere. I have been able to make one using grasshopper, however I can only change the size of the triangle that increases or decreases the number of subdivisions. I want to be able to change the size of the sphere, but keep the size of the triangles the same. For example, I have spheres A, B, and C. They have different diameters but the triangles are the same dimensions so that sphere A and sphere B can connect through the triangulated subdivision. Same with sphere B and sphere C, in the end they should all be able to connect.

Thank you !

I confess that I can’t get what exactly you mean.

For example: this is an icosahedron, frequency 10 geo dome (with no x, y, z distortion [see next examples as well]: meaning that is a spherical solution).

Based on that … are you trying to do a W truss and finally get a LBS system with thickness (so to speak) instead of a flat skin dome??? (violating several dome rules). Or you want a collection of var sizes domes that somehow are connected via some sort of tunnels? (where the size of the clustered panels is as “equal” as possible).

NOTE: Having the envelope in mind … a geo dome IS NOT a colection of equal length struts. If is spherical is a collection of equal size clusters of panels.

Other non spherical examples:

And the classic clustering (critical for a real-life parts assembly [on spherical solutions]):

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