Geodesic Ball Unfold

I am a new designer using Rhino & grasshopper.
Watching a tutorial I have successfully drawn a geodesic dome. Now, I want to unfold it to see each & every triangle’s vertex & bevelled angle so that I can take the notes of measurements to make a wooden geodesic ball in real life.

Now, what should I do? which components or foods should I use to feed the rhino have what I want as output?

Please, my dear experts of Rhino & Grasshopper help me.

You do not necessarily need Grasshopper to start with this.

Attached is a Rhino file with a chamfered dodecahedron from Polyhedron plugin.

You’ll see the full solid and its unrolled surfaces. This is the most basic “geodesic” ball.

You can also use a “Geodesic Icosahedron Pattern 2” from Polyhedron plugin. I used Grasshopper to extract the face boundaries, created surfaces from those triangles, join them into a brep and finally unrolled the brep in Rhino.

Weaverbird is good for different subdivisions.

You can install the Polyhedron plugin using the package manager in Rhino 7 / WIP

20_09_18_geodesic_ball.3dm (691.8 KB)

I played around with the chamfered dodecahedron a few years ago.
This post on my insta shows how a ball is folded from a flat piece.

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I have plugged in the polyhedron successfully & able to make a different type of geodesic frequencies. But I’m struggling with declaring the measurements I need such as diameter or radius or edge length I can’t do any of this.
I’m trying to follow the given tutorial on food rhino website where I have downloaded the polyhedron plugin.
But no matter how I try can’t define or fine the specific measure command that has been shown here. Please, tell what the stupid wrong mistakes I am doing. :frowning: :sob:

If your polyhedron (a.k.a. geodesic grid) has wrong size, use Rhino Scale command to change its size.

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