3DS MAX to RHINO 7 file import PEN display

I’m having a problem with edges/lines not showing when I switch to the PEN display. Everything looks great except for no edges for the radius on my part. Is there a setting in RHINO to have the edge lines of radius show up? Or is that not possible? I added a red line to show what I’m referring to.

Under Panels menu, check Display and try out the options there.

No luck Thanks for the suggestion. I’m stumped, when I rebuild the part in Rhino I get 2 lines for the tangent points that define the radius.

I’m sure I misunderstood. You want Rhino to paint the radius as though it is an edge? If so, maybe just split the surface where you want to see a line?

Yes that’s it. Great idea on splitting it. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I just downloaded the 90 day trial yesterday.
Much appreciated Ken