3d mouse from 3d connection opposite direction from Rh7 to Rh8

Hi Guys.
My SpaceMousePro from 3d Connection uses opposite direction in Rhino7 and Rhino8. For sure I can change in the settings from 3d Connection, but it does not differ from both versions. So either 7 or 8 work correctly, but not both at the same time.
Believe me: A 3d mouse working in the wrong direction causes brain damages…

option 1) Please make sure, both version react the same on the 3d mouse or
option 2) Please make sure that both versions are seen as different programs in their settings so I can set up individual.
Thank you, Stefan

Hi Stefan -

That sounds a lot like the behavior described here:

From the last post in that thread, apparently, the Spacemouse command lets you change that behavior.

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Perfect. That does the job!
I searched the forum, but did not find this article.