Rhino 8: How to change 3D mouse behavior?

How can I change the style of viewport navigation with my 3dconnexion SpaceMouse in the Rhino8 WIP? It is not the same as it is in Rhino 7.

I believe the current style in Rhino 8 is “helicopter mode” where I rotate the camera itself, whereas in Rhino 7 it uses the target camera mode, where I rotate around the target.

How can I change this behavior? I can only find settings for the 3Dconnexion buttons, but not the navigation itself.

I don’t have the 3dconnexion drivers installed, since I prefer Rhino’s native driver and the other software I use it in also has its own driver.

I am on version 8.0.23031 of the Rhino WIP.

Correction: after playing around a bit more, it seems the mode is correct but at least one of the axis is inverted as opposed to Rhino 7.

Where is the option to invert the axis, so I can get consistent behavior with Rhino 7?

My 3dconnexion SpaceMouse works identically in V7 and V8 WIP. I have the 3dconnexion app installed. I am not aware of any Rhino drivers or other software for 3dconnexion devices.

I’m using Windows 11. In Windows search if I type 3Dconnexion and then select 3Dconnexion Settings:

Advance Settings for this includes reversing axis:

Rhino has its own 3Dconnexion driver, meaning the SpaceMouse also works in Rhino without 3DxWare installed. Since the other software we use also has its own driver, I dont want to install 3DxWare, which has its own issues, mainly not handling switching between software well, losing focus and switching modes.

Using the SpaceMouse with the built in driver I notice it is different between v7 and v8 and I want to know if and where I can invert the zoom axis, similar to what you can do in 3DxWare and why the default behavior was changed in the first place?

I have used 3DxWare in the past and I am aware that you can change things there, but as mentioned I don’t have 3DxWare installed.

Just testing both versions side by side again and it appears that all axis are inverted in Rhino 8. So in Rhino 7 you basically move the SpaceMouse in the direction you want to move, whereas in Rhino 8 it is inverted and you move in the opposite direction of where you want to move.

Its a bit like there are 2 ways to interpret scrolling using a wheel. Once you are used to one, there is no way to get used to the other.

My experience is different. In side by side testing Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 WIP work identically. You mentioned you have other software which uses the SpaceMouse. I do not so perhaps that is the difference.

Are you using Windows 11? If so what do you see if you type 3Dconnexion in the Windows search window?

Yes, using the 3Dconnexion driver, you can set both to behave the same way and probably the defaults are the same.

I am not using the 3Dconnexion driver. If I type 3Dconnexion in the windows search nothing appears. Rhino has a driver for 3Dconnexion devices built in. We also built a driver for our other software, but it only runs in that software. It is not a global driver like 3DxWare.

Trust me, it works. If you want you can try uninstalling 3DxWare, open Rhino and you will see it still works. I find 3DxWare to be too buggy when it comes to handling software with multiple windows. It will not always correctly change the focus of the window. So you are working in one window, but the 3D mouse is still controlling another window.

I uninstalled the 3DConnexion app, and verified it was no longer present.

The 3DMouse continues to work exactly the same in Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 WIP. It rotates the object and no reversed axis.

I did notice that I have a 3DConnexion plug-in loaded. If I block that plug-in from loading my 3DMouse stops functioning.

In Rhino 8 WIP the plug-in publisher is Robert McNeel and the version number is blank.

In Rhino 7 the plug-in publisher is 3DConnexion and the version number is listed.

But even thought the plug-ins are different the 3DMouse works the same.

What 3DConnexion plug-ins do you have?

Yes, Rhino itself uses a plugin.

In Rhino 7 I have:

and in Rhino 8:

So they simply use the same version number in both.

I also discovered there is a command called “SpaceMouse”, which brings up some options:

The first one brings up a popup menu with the options I was looking for:


It seems for some reason the default is set to Target Camera Mode. Object Mode is the one I am after.


ich hatte auch ein Problem beim Sprung von Rhino 7 auf die 8.
Die 3D Connexion Space Mouse (Enterprise) funktionierte nicht mehr wie in der Version 7.

Heute bin ich auf die Lösung gekommen.

For cripes sake! :slight_smile: The short answer is

  1. Command: SpaceMouse
  2. Select: Popup Menu
  3. Choose : Object mode (dot in front) This is the “normal” operation

Rotate and Pan Zoom need to be checked

Feel free to chose whatever else suits your fancy. This worked for me correcting “backward” SpaceMouse…


Yes, there are 2 approaches. Like mentioned before, you can use 3DConnexion’s own driver (3DxWare) and then you can set everything in the driver. I prefer not even installing their own driver and using Rhino’s built in driver. I always hated how 3DxWare will automatically try to change the window focus of the SpaceMouse. So if you have a browser window open and click on that, now all of a sudden you can use the SpaceMouse to scroll the window. I didn’t like that, so I uninstalled it. The 2 software packages I use the SpaceMouse with both have their own built-in driver.

Either way using Rhino’s command is certainly the quickest way to change the setting.

Regardless, I think Rhino should keep the same default as Rhino 7 and from what I have seen over the years at least 90% of people want the Object Mode with locked Horizon.