Upgraded to Rhino 7 - SpaceMouse working in reverse

Hi folks,
I have just installed the Rhino 7 upgrade, from Rhino 5 (I skipped Rhino 6…). When testing Rhino 7 I immediately noticed that all control directions of the SpaceMouse are working in reverse to my Rhino 5 settings.Working with the 3DConnexion SpaceMouse (Compact) has become absolutely essential for me over the last few years.

I started Googling the problem and searching this forum but other than hints and suggestions I haven’t been able to find a “proper” solution to the problem. Am I missing something (probably…)?
What I don’t want to to is reverse the settings in the 3DConnexions interface as I want to keep using Rhino 5 as I do now. I have T-Splines installed there and have projects that require on-going use of T-splines, I don’t have the time and inclination to re-build those projects with Rhino 7’s native Sub-D.
I have downloaded and installed 3DConnextion’s latest driver but that didn’t seem to make any difference.
What can I do?
Many thanks!!!

@Markus is this something you can help with?

Possibly this:

3Dconnexion mouse controls are reversed in WIP (compared to Rhino 6) - Serengeti (Rhino WIP) - McNeel Forum

Thank you, I had read the suggestion about changing the navigation mode and back again, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything,
The strange thing is, depending on whether I have Rhino open or not and depending on which version (5 or 7) I have open the 3Dx settings interface shows different selections…
For now I have set the movements for Rhino 7 to work in the same way as in Rhino 5 and it didn’t seem to change the 3Dx settings when opening Rhino 5! Not sure what exactly is going on.

I have the same problem. Did you figure out any solution?

Space Mouse popup menu settings and 3Dconnexion settings show different settings on my computer. I’ve been in contact with 3Dconnexion technical support for a few weeks and no success so far.

PS: if you want to suggest working without the 3Dconnexion driver, don’t. I’m working with a right-hand and an additional left-hand 3Dconnexion mouse and two space navigators simultaneously. Thanks


What I’ve found:
The Space Mouse dialogue window seems to behave differently, depending on which program is open at the time. So I adjusted the control reversals so that the movement works just as I want in Rhino 7 but when I close 7 and open Rhino 5 all settings are still as they were for Rhino 5! And once set, all settings for R5 and R7 stayed like that, even after a re-boot.
And when no Rhinos are open at all the settings in the 3DConnexion dialogue box look different again…no idea why that is.
I definitely would prefer if the Space Mouse behaviour was exactly the same in all Rhino iterations and all settings remained the same, but for now I’m OK with this work-around.

The settings for Rhino and or 3DC may have changed since the last post in May 21, but I was able to correct this issue by changing the Navigation Modes to Object Mode in the Advanced Settings view of the 3DC settings app. It seems that mine was set to ‘Target Camera Mode’ which was reversing all of the movement.


Thank you!