3D Connexion Space Mouse Wireless

I use rhinoceros 5 installed on a workstation running Windows 8.1 professional. I recently bought a mouse 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Wireless, unfortunately I can not use all features that the mouse provides. The mouse works perfectly with the 3D Connexion software but using Rhino 5 do not work the advanced settings. I refer in particular to “Navigation modes” and “Rotation center”. Of these two settings there is no trace, no one can see the tab. The mouse is then unusable. Technical support 3D Connexion has no solutions and invited me to speak to the programmers McNeel because, from their point of view, this failure to incompatibility does not concern them … I tried the 3D mouse on a notebook with installed window 7 professional and the problem still exists.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.