2D Logo Design

I’m trying to find some info about creating 2D designs in Rhino 6 (Brand logos and favicons for websites in my particular case), but I haven’t really found much helpful material so far. In Rhino I know how to design a 2D logo from curves and then create a surface from the curves, but how would I add a transparent background and export it to use as a favicon?

Also, I have used free tools like Gimp to do similar projects before, am I better off learning more about 2D design with a free tool like Gimp, or learning 2D image design with Rhino?
I like the idea of designing a 2D logo in Rhino a lot better because it allows me to transition the logo to a 3D object very easily.

I attached a logo I did in Gimp a while back just as an example

Sorry the logo I attached is white text with a transparent background…

Are you planning to render the design into an image or simply export whatever is visible in the viewport to an image?

If it is the former using Raytraced viewport, or RhinoRendererNext to render the image using Cycles materials.

Among the cycles materials you have glass which is the transparent thing you need apparently.

This is my logo rendered with Raytraced (Cycles).


Well I was planning on exporting everything visible in the viewport to an image, but I hadn’t thought about rendering the design into an image using glass as a transparent background like you suggested… Good idea and good work on your logo too!

The “View capture to file” command allows you to set a transparent background and custom resolution for the screen-shot.


That’s perfect, thanks!