How to Export A Logo?

HI, all. First I just want to say, I am a bit new to Rhino… but I truly love it and I support and promote rhino anytime I can. However, I am seriously struggling with exporting a logo I have designed. I have read that, yes you can design logo’s in rhino, which I have done. Now I wanted to export it out to Affinity or AI or photoshop or anything where I can just tweak it a little. The problem is I can only get it to export to AI, which is fine… but all I get are curves, It loses the colors and materials. So:
A) is there a way to just export the logo so I can just use it straight from rhino to print/website?

B) how can I get the object into another design program as it is in rhino so I can still work on it?

Or can someone maybe tell me what I’m doing wrong… or at least direct me to a tutorial… instructions… something so I can solve this.
I have researched EVERYWHERE for an answer. And so far the only answer I can come up with, is yes you can design a logo in rhino… but you can never use it… because you can’t export it.

can you post the file? and, do you have a pic of something you are trying to achieve?
Are you trying to export 3d geometry that you can manipulate, or just the 2d ‘image’ of your 3d logo.

HI Van, thanks for the reply. apologies for the jpg, hopefully, it comes through, I wasn’t sure of the best way to share what I’m working on.
To answer your question, I would like to export the 3d model so I can work on it a little more. I am not a pro… :slight_smile: but I am learning. I do allot of Architectural drafting and I just wanted to create a little logo for my Block title, website and for some word docs/pdf’s I send out. So export out for touch up… then finished, back into Rhino. I would like to use Affinity, but I do have AI and Photo shop. I have spoken with a friend who uses Rhino, and he said I have to use a third party rendering software to render… then export out as BMP.
As a beginner, V-ray, fluid, Iray, Brazil are a bit out of my budget at the moment… and the Radeon pro-render only works for the wip.
Would you have a suggestion for the best way to do this?

Much appreciated, thanks. If there’s a better way to share the file let me know and I’ll resend.

Sure- you probably want to keep it as a vector image (not a bmp/bitmap like a render would produce) for a logo. So, if you have a view set up in your file that you like the look of, I would play around with the make2d command to generate a flat image of your 3d logo.
You can then export this as linework to illustrator etc. I find exporting as .dwg is pretty good.
If you are trying to get all the wood textures etc to appear 3 dimensional however, then a render may be the way to go…

Ah, I see what you are trying to do now.

Firstly, exporting to Illustrator will just export curves because Illustrator is a 2D drawing program.
If you want the 3D wood texture effect then rendering it out is what you need.
It’s not going to benefit from any fancy photo-realistic rendering, so _ViewCapturetoFile is the command you want.
Maximise the viewport and run the command. You can also choose to bump up the capture res by increasing the pixel count
To make life easier in Photoshop, a transparent background will help, so choose a file format like .PNG that supports transparency and tick the “transparent background” box.

Everything else you can do in PS and Illy.

Cheers, Steve

yes, so that’s kind of the problem, I used affinity to get the font I liked… converted to curves. then imported into rhino to add the texture and extrude it out to give it some volume. I can export it out as just curves… but I would like to keep the wood texture and gloss etc that I spent time on in Rhino. When I convert to 2D I loose everything.
So if I understand correctly the only way to preserve what I have done in Rhino, is to use a rendering plugin. Is that right?
If so… would you be able to recommend a reasonably inexpensive plugin? My friend said there might be a couple open source ones available, but he did know of any.

Got it… when I do the viewcapturetofile… it captures the grey background as well, do I just have to get rid of that manually in PS? or is there a way to capture without from Rhino? so just the object.

Ah, I actually answered my own question… lol it will actually import into Affinity as well this way.
But just one more question for you, about the rendering plugin? any thoughts for a newbie to get something I can use for now. I realize it won’t have the same photo realistic as the others, just wondering if there was something to use for now.

Thanks a million Steve.


Have you played around with rhino render? Capable of getting decent results if you work the settings. If you are able to get the rhino WIP, the cycles render engine could be fun.

thread on render engines:

If you’re looking to do photoreal high quality rendering, rhino is not my pick of tool… 3dstudio max, blender or cinema 4d are my pics.

Yeah I have been messing around with the Rhino render, that is what I used for the logo… but no other program seems to able to read the rhino export, except rhino. As for other software you mentioned, The reason I use Rhino is, it fills allot of roles for me, I freelance as a drafter for architects and builders etc, so just 2d lines, but I also provide shop drawings for cabinet shops where they need DXF files for their CNC. I would like to start getting into providing models for 3d printing. I would like to eventually produce some high-quality photo renderings of houses I am designing, so I know I am going to have to pick a high-end render plugin like v-ray etc. The new WIP I believe comes with Brazil I think which is really good as well, but to have multiple $1K plus programs is more advanced than I’m at.
I really want to try pro-render, as it is free.

You can modify the color of the background in the Rhino options: Options > View > Display Modes > [Your_Mode_Here] > Viewport settings > Background > Solid color.

Alternatively, when using the -ViewCaptureToFile command, you can set background transparency.

No. The RH6 WIP comes with Cycles. A bit more info on that one (from Blender) here: Cycles 2014 reel —

If you either click the render button or run the render command, you have the option of saving as a jpg, tiff, png etc. Any of these file formats are able to be opened by programs you’ve mentioned.
If you wanted to drag your rhino file onto the reply area, it will upload- may be able to play around with it and get some render setting going for you.

Thanks for the reply, yes as Steve had also mentioned above, I did find the little button to save with no background. In my hurry to work with it I was overlooking it.

Haha, I’m such a Noob, lol. I was just clicking the render option in the view port… then trying to save it. After reading your post Steve, I realized I wasn’t actually running the render command, and when you select export selected it does not give you the option to save in .png, tiff etc.
Guess I need to watch a few more tutorials.

Just so we are in the clear: export != render.

Exporting is for saving the model data into another format. Rendering is the process of calculating an image based on that model data - rendering doesn’t retain the model (3D) information, it is essentially a virtual photograph of the object you created.

HI Nathan, thank you for the clarification. That definitely helps me understand how this works.
Much appreciation to you guys for the help, from a beginner.


Just to be clear. I was suggesting that you run the _ViewCapturetoFile command while in Rendered viewport mode. Type that into your command line INCLUDING the preceding underscore. This is NOT Export Selected.

This just captures the rendered viewport without having to go through any render set up and it will be more than sufficient for your needs.

PS I just realised you mentioned that you are new to this. So at the risk of telling you something that you already know, remember that the command line box is your friend in Rhino. It will have all sorts of prompts telling you about options etc.


No problem. We all have been there (even though some won’t admit it :wink: ). I have yet to encounter a person who was born with this knowlegde imprinted in their genes…

Nicely said Nathan :slight_smile:

Yes Frank, you will find that people here are very happy to help people like yourself who ask so nicely. It’s a big learning curve and there is always something new to learn.