Wish: precise png output with transparent backgrounds

Hi devs,

I try again to use Rhino, and no layout software (Illustrator, Corel Draw,…) to get a precise png (720x100 pixel) output with transparent background, similar to my 2019 try:

Are there any news about Rhino png output?

Here my try from today, but I fail again. Any ways to get a 720x100 pixel png with transparent background?

compass_mask_720x100.3dm (154.3 KB)



At around 24 minutes of the video linked below, @BrianJ explains how to use a Floating Viewport to render a texture at an exact size:

I did pretty much what he explained but to make things one step easier I centered your content on the origin. I had some trouble moving the corner of the camera to your curve control point I think because I had linked viewport turned on. It worked after I unchecked the option. Here’s the file I captured:

And a screenshot from GIMP:

I see the gradient is not yet what you’re looking for.

If the hatch is replaced with a material, it seems to work. I kept your hatch on the left side and replaced the right side with a surface and added a gradient texture on the transparency channel.

And again a screenshot from GIMP:

The files are 1440 x 200 pixels. I did that to see it a bit better on my 4K screens.

compass_mask_720x100.3dm (171.1 KB)

If I could suggest an improvement it would be Gradient Hatches that are defined with transparency should also be exported with transparency.


Hey Martin,

wow, thank you for your detailed research. The surface texture trick looks intersting.

I think Rhino needs more love for 2D WYSIWYG graphics. I will try this now also with Corel Draw.

Thanks again


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