21:9 Display

I am using a 21:9 display and the icons are too small. Any possibility of getting a larger size?
Maybe even large and an extra large?

If you’re using Rhino 5, you can adjust the size of icons in Options>Toolbars>Sizes and Styles. If that doesn’t help enough… check out this wiki page http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/5/video/highres/toolbars_and_text_too_small_in_64-bit_rhino_5_on_high_resolution_screen

Hi BrianJ, Firstly thanks for all the learning video’s that have helped me learn Rhino 5 in the last 5 months, transitioning from a bench handmade Jeweler to a cam-cad living (what choice did I have when “handmade” anything is a fading craft). Is there anyway to reverse the reg hack if I don’t like the results, outside of a image restore, which I hate doing (it’s never totally the same space after a restore and they can fail). Would a Window’s 7 restore point do the trick? Or better yet deleting the added file and restoring the reg hack?

I’m not sure… my colleague John recently put this wiki page together and may know more about what it would take to reverse it.

@John_Brock do you know if this is easy to reverse?

Yes, very easy.
Just delete or rename the manifest file, or move it to another folder.
This ONLY works IF the registry key tells Windows to look for an EXTERNAL manifest file, AND if the manifest file is in the SAME folder as the executable it is applied to…

thank you

I merged the reg file and Rhino.exe.manifest to: C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System. It did not change the size of my icons, even after a re-boot. What it did do is freeze the clock/calander in my windows 7 64bit taskbar. The time was working but it would not pop-up anymore with the calander. Something I often did to check the time when working in full screen. Luckily, I did a restore-point before the reg hack and it restored everything back to normal. My screen resolution is a Dell 30" 2560x1600 . I already have the screen inlarged 125% thorough windows and large through Rhino options. Still I wish the icons were larger still.

The registry change and manifest file can have no effect on your clock. They are completely unrelated.
What does the interface look like if you run the 32-bit version of Rhino V5?

Thanks for the helpful and quick replies on this forum. I initially thought it could have nothing to do with the registry change. After looking around for possible solutions to the freezing Taskbar clock, and finding none, I did a system-restore, made just seconds before the registry change. I made no other changes to the computer other then that before the restore. The clock was back. The only solution, if there is a remote chance of a connection between the two, is that the screen has already been enlarged to 125% through DPI settings. Maybe I will try again this weekend. Will let you know, but I never use the 32bit version of Rhino. I don’t even see a shortcut, or a .exe file for it in both program folders (Programs Files 86 & Programs Files) and “All Progams”

The only thing even remotely possible is there could be a manifest file for the taskbar clock living in the same folder as the executable for it. I strongly doubt this is the case. If there were, the registry key change tells Windows to use an external manifest.

The way this works is Windows assumes that 32-bit applications are not high-resolution aware so Windows automatically applies display scaling.

64-bit applications like Rhino carry their high definition display manifest internally in the application. Rhino’s settings were designed before these higher resolution monitors were common.

The registry key tells Windows to use an external manifest if it exists. The manifest file tells Windows the application is not high resolution aware so Windows automatically scales the display just like a 32-bit application.

This is a hack that quickly makes 64-bit Rhino usable on these monitors.

The real fix will be what we’re doing in V6, and that is to control the display ourselves but design the settings to work well with these new higher resolution screens.

Going to give it another try this coming weekend. Thanks

I just tried again, and I’m sorry to say the same thing happened again. The Taskbar clock would not pop up again and the Icons in Rhino did not get bigger. A system restore I made just before the reg hack , fixed the clock. Sorry to say, as illogical as it sounds, 2 strikes and I guess I’ll live with the small icons