Rhinoceros 5

I wanted to ask why my icons are so big so i cant see them all, and my friend’s icons are little bit smaller i think and he can see all of them

What is your icon setting and display resolution compared to that of your friends?
Setting under file→property→toolbar→size and styles


And this is the one which is good

hello Yehuda_Daniel
Your icons on the task bar also look large. Looks like you need to change your display settings. Right click on the desktop, select ‘Display settings’ and up the resolution. I have a 24" at 1920x1200.

as @Tone says, it’s probably the display resolution. or you can try changing size to small if that suites your needs.

If im changing my display resolution my computer will have black windows at the sides, the screen will grt smaller than the computer itself


So changing size from med to small didn’t work for ya?

If im changing it to small it does help me see them all but it would be very very small, really tiny

Hmm, are you using R14 of rhino? it seems to have fixed up a bit on the icons.

See below thread:

Yes, the newest version

This will impact all the UI on windows, but could you try to
change the setting of the scale & also unckeck the
Override high DPI scaling behavior.
That should help.
I think you need to close app and reopen for effect to take place.

Ill try this