Does V6 solve barrier to zoom amount in perspective viewport properties 'perspective '?

I far prefer the realistic view of perspective that is one of the two options given in viewport properties, the other being parallel.
however when scroll zooming which I do all the time, I get so far and no where close enough for most work, and zoom stops, if I alter perspective option to parallel I can zoom right in., but the comforting perspective view is lost, and for any quick printscreens to show someone I have to reset it to perspective again, and if doing an online screen share humans understand the object better and it also looks better and more professional if in perspective view, but I cant zoom in for them.

has V6 solved this issue ?



You’re confused about how Rhino works.

In a parallel projection viewport (top, Front, Right, etc.), wheel zooming pushes the viewport target ahead of the camera. In a Perspective projection, the camera moves to the target so you can run out of room just as you described.

You can do a “dolly zoom” in a perspective projection viewport by holding the Alt key while wheel zooming. This pushes the view frustum target along with the camera so you don’t run out of zoom range.

This has been in Rhino since the beginning.


Just use ZoomTarget to reset focus. Then scroll zooming will behave more as you want, I suspect.

Or ZoomSelected…

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