1.17.8732 update pulling Rhino license upon opening Revit model

anyone else experiencing this? I rolled out the 1.17.8732 update last night and this morning users reporting issues where Rhino is asking them for license when opening a revit file, I noticed at the time all our rhino licenses were pulled. I tested and yes once opening revit file a rhino license is pulled. it used to be only when starting RiR would it pull a license, is this an intentional revision to how RiR functions?

this is with revit 2023 and 2024 from my limited testing.
I will be rolling back to v1.16 for time being.


Yes, I am experiencing this too. Luckily I was testing the deployment when discovering this. Following along for the answer

also, i had downloaded from the RiR website and received 1.17.8620.27747, then upon installation, opened revit and went to RiR tab, it noted there was a new version available, that was where I could download the 1.17.8732.19724 which caused the license pull issue. confirmed roll back to 1.16.8620.27572 has stopped the license pull upon opening a revit file.

Thanks for reporting.

I’m not seeing anything here, but my licensing environment is more flexible.

Can you confirm more details?

What Rhino version are you currently on?

Opening Rhino 8 or 7 outside of Revit doesn’t ask for a login, opening Rhino in Revit does?

Are you using a Cloud Zoo Team, Lan Zoo or Individual licensing?

Users do/don’t have this checked? (its off by default)

Thanks again, we’ve been able to confirm and will keep you posted on an update.

For what is it is worth ‘Start Rhino on startup’ was not selected.
I have both Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 installed.
I am using a Cloud Zoo Team

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Rhino 7.33.23248.13001
Cloud Zoo
No that start rhino check box is not checked.
R7 opened does not ask for license and does pull one.

Thanks for looking into this! :slight_smile:

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Hi @mrainville, @JLG_Digital_Practice,

Fixed it now. We will release a hotfix on v1.17 soon.
The Daily build v1.19 already contains the fix in case you want to test.


Amazing! Thank you for looking into this and responding so quickly

can confirm the fix added to daily build does not pull a license upon opening a revit file. clicking start in RiR tab does pull license as expected, once revit.exe finally stops as a process the license is returned. thank you also for the quick response and resolution!

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