Newbie Licensing Question - How to add Zoo license in RIR

Hello all.

I recently installed Revit (which I’m new at) with the hope of using it for documenting Rhino models. Rhino-Inside-Revit installed fine but when clicking the Rhino button in Revit I’m prompted for a Rhino license. I can see the license key numbers in our Zoo server but am clueless how to tell Revit where to look. Pasting a number into a field returns an invalid error message.

Licensing Window - What to do

I would think “Configure as network client” is correct since the license is on a Zoo server, but I don’t know what to enter into the field. Google has been no help. Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

Brian Jackson

if your rhino is licensed, it should just use that license?
I would guess choose network client, and enter the ip address of your zoo server

Victor is correct. Open Rhino on its own and point it to your company LAN zoo. Then opening Rhino.Inside.Revit will be seamless going forward.

Thank you, Victor and Japhy. Rhino on its own opens fine. I think the hole in my understanding is how to find the IP address of our Rhino licenses. Forgive my ignorance of network-related things.

Forgot to mention, I believe we’re on a Cloud Zoo rather than a LAN Zoo.

If Rhino is opening fine on its own there shouldn’t be an issue opening Rhino.Inside.Revit or asking of any license information, that is all handled by the Admin of the cloudzoo.

Is there anything about your environment that might be different than a typical setup? are these programs loaded locally ? (vs a virtual machine)


Success! Your response helped me identify the problem. Knowing it “should” behave like that made me consider other causes. Turns out I had expired evals of Bongo and Veesus that may have been prompting for licenses, though I had both plug-ins disabled in Rhino options. I found an older (unrelated) thread on here where Pascal informed another user that it was OK to delete the containing folder a plug-in is installed into. I did that and now Rhino opens fine inside Revit. The more you know… :slight_smile:

Hopefully this post will help others having a similar issue. Thanks.


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