RHP.Inside.Revit can't find Rhino license

Hi McNeel Team,

A user of our Rhino plug-in sees the following error when working from a Rhino.Inside.Revit instance:


They are using a commercially licensed copy of Rhino 7. The error does not occur when they use Rhino 7 on its own. But it does occur when they use Rhino.Inside.Revit. They’ve encountered the issue on multiple machines running Revit 2020 / 2021.1.3, and R.I.R. 1.0.0 / 1.2.0. We cannot reproduce the issue on our end (the plug-in finds a RhinoCommon license inside Revit on all machines we’ve tested), so it must be specific to their runtime environment.

Any idea what might cause the issue, or how to troubleshoot?



Is that user running Windows Server, by chance?

Doesn’t sound like it:

This issue seems to be consistent in our enterprise environment for all users. This is happening on regular laptops, no Windows Server activity to the best of my knowledge…