ZoomSelected acts differently on Blocks

Seems like the ZoomSelected acts differently on Blocks vs other objects.
The same geometry when turned into a block and ZoomSelected-ed leaves much bigger margin in the view around it vs. non-block ones.
(sample file: ZoomSelTest.3dm (648.8 KB) )

Is this a bug? Are currently processing a lot of block objects libraries and all of their preview/thumbnail images are zoomed out more than they should be.



Hi Jarek - I see that… and I don’t have a good idea yet. I’ll poke some more. I’m thinking bounding boxes are somehow involved here, but just how.

RH-58148 Zoom Selected and blocks, in perspective


Hi Pascal,

Thanks, looks like it has to do with bounding boxes as you said. If I do World-based bounding-box for each and then ZoomSelected to that bounding box, the result is what blocks have now (more zoomed-out). Now, If I change CPlane to View, do CPlane-Based BoundingBox and ZoomSelected to that, the zoom looks like the correct (fully-zoomed one). So perhaps Blocks are using the different way of BBox calculation compared to other object types.
For now I am using a script to automate the above process for blocks to get good looking thumbnails, but maybe it could be tweaked in Rhino at some point.