Zoom one by one

lets say I select bunch of geometry but some of them are too small to see after extent the view. Are there any tool that can zoom on the object I selected one by one? So I can have a check with it

When you have selected an object type the alias ZS (zoom selected).

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Thats not what I am looking for. I mean if there are any tools that allows to zoom into the first object then the next one until all the geometry is checked.

This is an interesting request and I often fall into it, but I deal with it by selecting one-by-one, zooming and then hiding (eliminating from the scene).

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This seems to work:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def ZoomAllSelected():
    objects = rs.NormalObjects()
    if objects:
        for obj in objects:
            rs.Command("_Zoom _Selected ", False)
            arrYN = ("Yes", "No")
            pause = rs.GetString("Would you like to see the next one?", "Yes", arrYN )
            if pause == "No":


I would add an unselect all before the select, in case the user changes selection while investigating.

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I know this is a rhino request but here’s how i do that in grasshopper. The Zoom To is from the parakeet plugin.

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I am not sure with that. Some weird situation happen, its more like zoom to the last created object. There are also some zoom extent at the first several step. So no really sure what it is. But thanks anyway

Please try this one:
rhinopython/xZoomCycleSelected.py at master · CADacombs/rhinopython · GitHub


wow This is like super powerful and very much fulfill all the potential need. Thx a lot mate. The work is amazing

Yeah maybe. I spent about 1 minute on it and another minute testing on a few objects. It worked for me for that minute or so. Glad you found a real solution.

any idea? I have some problem with it. It works fine for a while, and become abnormal today. It doesnt work even copy and paste the script again


I just added support for perspective viewports. Same link:

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I’m not sure why you are asking me. I didn’t write a script called Zoom 1by1.