Zoom → Selected Module

Is there a way to invoke Zoom → Selected in Rhino such that a piece of non baked geometry becomes the center of rotation in Rhino Perspective viewport?

Radial menu Zoom
Radial menu is raised by middle mouse button.




You also can assign a ‘Zoom on preview’ shortcut in the preferences:

Could you explain that. CTRL+P invokes print menu

Zoom from the radial menu works great, but I cant get this to work…


Once you click on entry, it becomes green. You can then type in the shortcut you wish and validate it by clicking on the green hook on the right. I arbitrarily set ‘Ctrl + P’ but you can choose any other combination you want that is not already in use (‘F2’, ‘Alt + Z’…)

Thank you. Thats perfect.


Just wondering:
Is it possible to ‘zoom select’ based on an GH command?
So instead of manually right click → zoom selected (as shown in picture below), a GH component who can do this on command :slight_smile:

e.g. a component with 2 inputs:
A- input with all geometries you would lige to zoom into
B- toggle input to ‘reset’ the viewport - to view all geometries present in input A.

Many thanks!


This should do it:

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No one mentioned the ‘Zoom on Preview’ dropdown?

Thats really impressive!

I started playing around with it, when it works its really cool!

however, must admit it somethimes stops working, but don’t understand why…

Do you have some Do & Dont’s?
It might has to do something when you select another window instead of the ‘perspective’, it looks likes it get corrupt/not working anymore afterwards?

e.g. why is this example not working anymore :see_no_evil:
unnamed.gh (11.1 KB)

Would it be possible to auto zoom all 4 windows simulatniously?

Haha sorry asking alot, but it looks really nice!

The InflateBox input parameter was too small.

Yes the code currently targets the active viewport (i.e. similar to the native Zoom functionality you pointed out in your first post above). There is no reason why it couldn’t target all viewports.

Ahh cool, thanks!

Would it be possible to add this? (I am not an python expert :see_no_evil:)

You can change the python-code inside the file Anders sent to this:

import Rhino as rc

def zoomSelected(geometryBases,inflateFactor):
    """ Zoom to geometryBases ala Grasshopper Zoom function, inflate to zoom out """
    doc = rc.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc
    bb = rc.Geometry.BoundingBox.Empty
    for gb in geometryBases:
    for view in doc.Views:
        avp = view.ActiveViewport
        result = avp.ZoomBoundingBox(bb)

if Toggle and Geometry:

is it possible to add Visualarq geometry to gh python component?
Thank you