Zoo Server on distributing 8 licenses

Hi there,

My work using Rhino exclusively. We started with 8 licenses of Rhino 5 and have recently gone to Rhino 6.
Our owner purchased 8 Rhino 6 licenses.
He believes that he should now be able to run 16 instances of Rhino, Rhino 5 x 8 and Rhino 6 x 8, from the Zoo server, however is 8 people are all using Rhino, no matter if its Rhino 5 or Rhino 6, a ninth operator can not obtain a license from the Zoo.
I believe that’s because the Rhino 5 and 6 share a key, so even though we have 16 licenses, only 8 are distributed as there are 8 keys. He doesn’t think so.

I was just wondering how that works.



That is 100% correct if you bought 8 V6 upgrades. In that case you still have only 8 licenses and each V5 key is linked to a V6 upgrade key. Your boss is misinformed…