Zoo Webserver - Endpoint not found

Hello ,
the Webpage of our Zoo server just returns an Error : Service Endpoint not found.

The zoo itself is working fine.


Windows 7 64 Bit , Service Pack 1 & newest updates.

No matter if i use the real IP or a hostname.

Thank you for a hint.


Nobody ? Am i the lonely only one in the World with that problem ?

Check About Zoo in the Zoo Admin Help menu.

Hello and thank you for the answer.

  • Its Version 6 SR10
  • The service starts manually & automatically, there is actually no problem with the licence server at all, except there is no webservice ( which is not that bad for us , btw )
  • Yes, all tests passed.

Maybe i should mention, that ist running in a virtual VMWare machine. Dont think that this will result in that behaviour , though.

Thanky you !

See if this explains your situation relative to using a VM.
It’s from the Knowledge base articles on the Zoo Wiki page:


Hi ,
thanks for the link, I doubled checked all network possibilities regarding VMWare, but no difference. The webserver itself is accessible, it just doesnt return any useful info :wink:

Anyway, we can live with that, it just would have been cool for the users to see how many licences are free.

Hi @edv,

I’m confused, what web page to you expect to see by entering ‘localhost’ into your browser?

Are you trying to do this?


– Dale

Oh stupid me, yes, that was exactly what i expected :slight_smile:

Didnt know that Subfolder, though. Thank you, everything fine now !