Slow to start the zoo services

We setup a Zoo 7 license server on Windows Server 2022 (VM) but find that it takes more than 20 mins to start the zoo services every reboot. Do anyone encounter this issue ? Any solution provide ?
Thank you.

Hi Celina, have you tried the Lan Zoo diagnostics tool? Zoo - Diagnostics Utility for Windows [McNeel Wiki]

Hi @Celina_Cheung,

The Zoo comes with a service that looks for software updates. If you looks in Services, I believe it’s named McNeel Update Service. You might try disabling this.

— Dale

Hi Japhy, I use the diagnostics tools and every step run successfully without error.

Hi Dale, try disable the McNeel Update Service but no help.

Hi, I am facing the exact same problem here on a Windows server 2019 machine.
Maybe a clue : this machine has no internet connection.

@Celina_Cheung : I would be happy to know if you solved your problem since ?
– Arnaud