Zoo: Status web page, how is it created?

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The Zoo server service has an embedded “web server” component that provides this information.

Does this help?

I’m looking to do the same thing as @chanley. So you’re saying the status isn’t saved/stored as an html/txt file somewhere?

Hi @richard.t.simmons,

The status page made available by the LAN Zoo provides a (somewhat) real-time snapshot of the status of licenses. It’s basically the equivalent to viewing the ZooAdmin utility remotely. And you are correct, this real-time information is not archived.

The LAN Zoo can maintain a usage, or transition, log. From ZooAdmin, click View > Usage Logs. If you don’t see any log files, then click Tools > Options and enable it.

– Dale

When we were still using a local zoo server, we just ended up embedding the status page in an iFrame. It was nothing fancy, but got the job done.

We have since moved to Cloud Zoo and pretty much decommissioned our old “license view page”. I don’t think we have since had a need/request for any type of status page on our intranet.

@dale can members of a team, (on Cloud licensing), see the live useage data or is that only for team admins?

@John_Brock - do you know anything about this?

That should work. Thank you very much.


Live license usage is only visible to Cloud Zoo Team Owners and Admins.

Thanks John. Appreciate the confirmation!