Disable Web Status Page


I am administrating a Zoo server for multiple departments at a large university in addition to other license servers, with Sassafras K2 for usage monitoring. Ideally, we do not collect specific user information, only usage by computers. Zoo is the only program that is running a status page over HTTP that doesn’t require authenticating to view. As staff, we don’t want to see what specific users are using, and especially don’t want it available publicly.

Is there a way to disable the Zoo status page while still keeping licenses available?

University of Washington

Hi Zach,

No, there is currently no way of disabling the status page. But we understand your concern. I’ve added your request to the to-do list. We’ll try to add this feature to the next Zoo release.

Thanks for your input.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I am administrating a Zoo server for our school.
A way to disable the status page or put it behind an authentication would be a very big plus.
Especially because it runs on the same port as the licensing service (unfortunately port tcp/80)

This means that all end-users are capable of viewing the data the status page displays.
Maybe even users that could abuse the information on the status page.
(harvesting computer and user/account information)
Killing traffic on port 80 to the Zoo servers also means no licensing.

Thanks in advance,
Summa College (The Netherlands)