License Monitor

Is there a way to actively monitor license usage in real time from a device other than the server? We would like the ability to allow users to see who is currently using a license in order to allow self-regulation of our licenses. Many of our other applications expose a webpage or provide a separate viewer application that can display the current usage.

Thanks! Tim

Yeah, this would be very useful.


Hi Tim,

There is currently no tool that allows you to view the current status of Zoo licenses (other than remoting on the Zoo server). Something to provide this kind of functionality has been requested before, and this request is on the Zoo “wish list”. I don’t have a time frame when something will be available.

Can you give me an example of this?


– Dale

Thanks for the info, Dale. We would give our vote to that wishlist item. :smile:

SafeNet makes two products that we use for our structural engineering software packages:

Anyone can access RMS using an application called WlmAdmin and HASP hosts a webpage that anyone on our network can see.

I was able to find and expose the Zoo Usage logs via a network share, so it’s possible to see who has been in and out of the program, but it takes some digging to figure out who is still in the program at any given moment. It’d be nice if that information was concisely available somewhere.

Thanks! Tim


I’ve got same issue to managing licenses.
It would be great if someone can post that where the log file is saved.

Thank you for advance.

Zoo 5 does not maintain a log file. All events are logged with the Windows Event Log.

Zoo 5 can save usage logs, but you have to enable this feature. The Zoo 5 help file documents the location where usage logs are saved.

Thanks a lot, Dale!

Thanks Dale, this is already proving useful.


This is exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks Dale!