Transition Zoo to new license server

I will be transitioning our Zoo license server over to a new machine. Is there a process that I need to take to de-authorize and then re-authorize the license server with the original licenses? Or can I just import the licenses we used on the old server to the new machine?



Hi Alan,

For Zoo 4, you can use these instructions as a guideline:

Zoo 5 is somewhat easier, as all you need to to is remove your licenses and uninstall the Zoo software from the old server, and then install the Zoo software and add your licenses to the new server. Of course, you will need to redirect your clients to use the new server. If you are using DNS, this is just a matter of modifying your DNS alias record. If you are using the Registry, then this will need to be updated on every Rhino system.

I tried moving to a new zoo5 server. Updating the DNS to redirect to the new server was no big deal, but the license files in the zoo folder didn’t transfer simply by moving them to the new server and restarting. I had to manually re-add each license. Fortunately I have under a dozen licenses and this shouldn’t happen too frequently, but it would be nice to be able to backup/restore licenses to a server more quickly than having to re-add them from scratch.

Yep, this is true.

This is something we are considering for a future Zoo release.

Could the Find Zoo Server Wiki page please be updated? I am currently transitioning from Zoo 5 to Zoo 6 on a new server and can’t update the DNS name as there are multiple license managers. I need to be able to do the registry change.

Zach Burgess
University of Washington

Hi Zach,

As far as I know, everything in this page is up-to-date. What am I missing?

– Dale

This page is completely blank, thanks for pointing me at the right page.

Yea we re-factored some of the Zoo pages when Rhino for Mac was released. Best to bookmark the Zoo home page (instead).

– Dale