Move Zoo licenses


we need to change our license server due to EOL of the OS. So we need to switch to a new server with all our Zoo licenses.
What would be the easiest and correct way to transfer those licenses? Do we need to deactivate them on the old server before we activate them on the new one?


Maybe this article will help:

Ok, that’s what i would have done.

But as far as i know when i delete the licenses in the zoo, they are not deactivated on mcneel side, isn’t it?

Also is there a fast way to add 55 licenses to zoo?


I think what the article is saying is if the old server is active, when you remove the license keys, it tells the McNeel license database that they were removed, so they are available to install elsewhere.

And no, I am not an expert, but I don’t think they have implemented “mass license key addition” to the Zoo.

But what happens if the license server does not have an internet connection to mcneel? Are they still removed and available for the new server?

Nope. If the server does not have an internet connection than McNeel’s license system cannot know that they have been removed from the old Zoo and thus are no longer in use. In that case I’m afraid you will need to contact to find an offline transfer solution.

ok, got it.

thanks for the answer

When you call Sales, ask about the details of replacing 50 of your individual licenses with a single key that adds 50 licenses to your LAN Zoo.
It’s an extra step now but will make things easier next time or if you decide to switch to Internet based Team licensing.

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