[ZOO] Rhino multi users


I’m new on Rhino.
Using ZOO is possible to use 1 student’s license concurrently from 2 Mac OSX connected on the same network?
And would be possible to use it from 2 different location?


Individual Edu licenses cannot be put into the Zoo… And using one license on two computers at the same time is not allowed.


And how the commercial license works with ZOO? Is it allowed the concurrency use? If yes, how does it works?


No. One license = one single user at any given time. Period.

And what does it mean “The Zoo keeps your licenses in one place and lets you share them with Rhino users on your network.” write on the top of https://wiki.mcneel.com/zoo/home page?


That means that not every single user needs to have a license that is ‘locked’ on each their own machine. A single (commercial) license can be shared by other users but only in the material sense - like if you have a single car, you can share that with the people around you. That doesn’t mean that you can drive east with it at the same time as your neighbor drivers west with it… For any specific time, only one user can use the (commercial) license.

Nice analogy… :smile:

Then I’m not sharing the licensee but just sharing the computer?


Your neighbor is borrowing your car and the gas that’s in the tank. He’s not going to get very far without it…

To put it perhaps more simply:

One commercial license allows one computer to run Rhino at any given time - doesn’t matter who the actual user is.

One commercial license can be “shared” among different computers as long as the license isn’t being used by more than one of them at the same time. The Zoo is designed for exactly that.

The Zoo can share multiple licenses among multiple computers as long as the number of computers using a license at the same time does not exceed the total number of licenses stored in the Zoo.


Tks Mitch

Now everything is clear!-)