Can you use a single user license with different accounts or in different computers?

Hi everybody,

is it possible to include a single user license to Cloud Zoo so as to use it on different computers (not simultaneously) and with different accounts? Alternatively, would it possible to do that logging in with the same account to Cloud Zoo from different computers (again, not simultaneously)? Finally, is it possible to do that with a student (educational) single user license?
I ask because I get confused between Cloud Zoo features “Run anywhere” and “Share your licenses”.


This is possible with Commercial licenses using Cloud Zoo Teams, but not single user EDU licenses.

Educational pricing is extended to a specific qualified individual so the concept of sharing it with others in a Team is not appropriate.
EDU licenses can be shared through your Personal Cloud Zoo licenses, but that’s only available to you through your Rhino login Account.

Commercial licenses have no such restriction.

Thanks a lot for your answer!

So, it is possible to purchase one commercial license and to share it with different accounts via Cloud Zoo Teams (provided there is one user at a time working) and it is possible to use an EDU license on different computers by logging in with the same account, is that correct?

If that is how it works, can I buy an EDU license and work in Rhino on different computers (of course not simultaneously) by accessing with the same account?

Yep, you got it…

There is one more wrinkle…

By default, if you have a license in your Personal licenses, Rhino always uses it, meaning it will never find the Team license.

There is an advanced setting in Rhino so when you Login, you are also asked where you want to get a license, your Personal licenses, your one of your Teams.
I need to do this for testing all the time.
Mitch is right, what you described is possible, there just one more tweak to make in that Rhino so you can choose WHICH license to use.

Ok. Anyway every time I login I can move my Personal license to the Team or viceversa, right?

No. We’re not talking about moving a license. You were describing having an EDU license in your Personal licenses, and a separate Commercial license in a Team.
When you Login, you’ll need to choose which of the two licenses you want to use.
Here’s the Advanced setting so you get to choose:

Perfect. I got it. Thank you so much!