Dummie question - Rhino Zoo

I don’t understand exactly what Zoo does.
A Rhino license is only for a single user, isn’t it? If I want to run Rhino in other computers, I thought I needed a different license to each one.
Can anyone explain me?

The Zoo lets you run your Rhino license(s) as a network license. That means that any number of people can have Rhino installed locally (without the license key) and that when a user opens Rhino, the Zoo distributes one of the licenses it has to that user. As soon as all the licenses in the Zoo are used up, new users cannot run Rhino until one of the licenses in use is checked back in.

This allows you to save on the number of licenses, for example if you have 5 Rhino users but never more than two at a time, you can buy only two licenses and run them through the Zoo.


The Zoo is a network, or floating, license manager.

The Zoo lets you share licenses among users on your network.

The Zoo is useful if you have more users of Rhino than you do licenses of Rhino.

For example:

We have 106 Rhino users. 21 of those have a standalone seat. The rest share 21 licenses on the network because they are not full time users. As Mitch mentioned, when the licenses are taken, new users cannot use Rhino. When that happens continuously, you purchase more licenses. Due to growth, we find ourselves in that predicament, so we will be adding 8 more licenses.

It works very well if you have users that only work in Rhino on and off during the day. If we had 106 full time users, it would not work well for us.

Let me see if I got it right.
The Zoo allows me to install Rhino on several computers without having to enter a key for each one, as long as the number of licenses in use does not exceeds the number of licenses I have bought?

From Frequently Given Answers: http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/fga

Can I install my Rhino on both of my computers?
• Yes. Your license agreement allows you to install your Rhino on all of the computers that you directly control, provided that you run your Rhino on only one computer at a time. You can not “loan” your Rhino to a friend.

So a user can install Rhino with a single license on all their computers, but only use one computer at a time. No need for the Zoo in that situation.

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Using the Zoo, the number of licenses can’t be exceeded because when Rhino is started it uses a license out of the Zoo. That license is no longer available for someone else to use. You can install Rhino on as many computers as you want, but, only as many licenses as you purchased can be used at the same time. For example, if you bought 2 licenses and installed them in the Zoo, you could then install Rhino on 100 computers if you wanted. However only 2 would ever be used at the same time. The other 98 users would have to wait until those 2 users closed their Rhino, and their licenses returned to the Zoo.