Can you use a Rhino license on more than one computer?

just starting out this morning at a new job, they have a license for rhino/vray set up, can this license be used on more than one machine ? next question is the company doesn’t know which email address was used to purchased the license, what would be the best way to sort this out ?

@milezee Thank you for contacting us. Each Rhino license is a single-user license. It may be installed on a single computer, or if your office is networked and you’re wanting to share the license, you may download our free workgroup license manager, The Zoo. It will let you float the license between users in your office, allowing for one user at a time.

Regarding the email address, I’d be happy to look it up. Please feel free to call our office at (206) 545-7000 or email the license key to us at and we can assist. Thanks!

thanks Jody, I think they may just purchase another rhino/vray set up :slight_smile:

Hi Jody, if we use The Zoo license manager for our Rhino license, can we still use the Vray plugin on each machine too ?

I’m not certain how or if Vray licenses can be shared via the Zoo. I’d suggest contacting the Chaos group who makes Vray directly to check. @Fernando_Rentas may be able to help with this question too.

V-Ray is dongle based (at least my license is) so you would move the dongle from computer to computer as needed

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Thanks Brian, would be great to know if this is possible @Fernando_Rentas ?

Could Rhino 7 Zoo be made cloud based instead of network based?

I have a desktop at the office, but a laptop I’d like to use at home - it’d be really helpful

Hello- please see