Setting up Zoo: multiple Rhino Instances on a computer

We currently have about 10 licences in our office which are stored locally on computers. This causes an issue when we reformat or upgrade our PCs. For this reason we are looking into running our licenses off the zoo. However, the concern is that many of us usually have more than 1 instance of Rhino open on our computer at a time. Will this use multiple licenses or is it purely per PC based and not instance based?

You can use any number of instances on the same machine. If Zoo is also aware of the license terms it should just work… But in any case, at least the license allows it.

// Rolf

Hi @Ryan_Whitby,

A user can open multiple instances of Rhino on the same system and only consume a single Zoo license.

– Dale

Why would you store all the licenses on each and every computer?

I think he means that each of the 10 computers has its own license locally installed…

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