Zoo freezes

I am having the same issue with Zoo 6. I am unable to add any licenses, so the removing licenses trick will not work. Fresh install on Server 2012 r2. Service will not start. Zoo Admin locks up… Firewall rule is created for port 80. Any suggestions? I have uninstalled, re-installed and reboot several times. Very frustrating…

Hi @dmendonc can you please send me the event logs for the Zoo? Here’s how:

  1. From the Start menu in Windows, type Event Viewer, then press enter
  2. In event viewer, browser to Application and Services Log -> McNeel
  3. Click the Filter button on the right column
  4. In the Event Sources dropdown, select Zoo 6.2
  5. Right click McNeel in the left hand tree, then click Save Filtered Log File As...
  6. Send me the logs in a private message.

Hi Brian
here you goZoo.evtx.zip (4.4 KB)

Hi @dmendonc,

Just to clarify, your installation of Zoo 6 is crashing when trying to a add a custom plug-in license, which I assume is a non-McNeel license? Is this true? What non-McNeel plug-in are you trying to add a license for?

Can I also assume you’ve downloaded and installed the latest Zoo, which as of today is zoo_6.2.18046.13391.msi?

And also, is your server up-to-date with Microsoft service patches and maintences fixes? And the server has the .NET Framework 4.5 installed?

Just trying to get a base line - thank.s

By the way, the event log you provided didn’t provide anthing helpful.

Any additional details you can provide might be helpful.


– Dale

Hi Dale
No custom plugin license, sorry for the confusion. Just a Rhino 5 Mac lab license, which I am unable to add. The Windows 2012 server is fully up to date. I ran the Microsoft .NET Framework Detection Utility, uninstalled and installed the latest version of Zoo. Same results. When I launch and start Zoo it goes unresponsive. I am unable to add licenses (grayed out)…

Hi @dale,

If you run ZooAdmin and everything is grayed out, it is because the Zoo service isn’t running. Jusk click the Red arrow button on the toolbar to start the service.

Does this help?

– Dale

I am trying to start the service, both by clicking the green (not red) arrow and from the Services console. Not working…

Then you must already have a service running on Port 80.

Hi @dmendonc,

By far the best cause of the Zoo service not starting is that some other process or service is already listening on TCP Port 80.

Does this troubleshooting tip help?


Run this from a command prompt:

netstat -o -n -a

Now look at the output for a line that indicates something listening on TCP Port 80. For example:

  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State           PID
  TCP                 LISTENING       4

If you see this, run Task Manager and click on the the Details tab. Click on the PID column to sort by process ID. This will be the process or service that is keeping the Zoo service from starting.

– Dale

Yes, that was it, thanks. Will need to find another server for Zoo…

Or use a VM to host the Zoo