Zoo6 crash with custom license plug-in

Hi, I’ve got a huge issue with the latest zoo6.
I’ve just updated from zoo6WIP to use my rhino6 license, and I tried to register the license. However, the zoo admin tool crashed, and now the zoo service won’t start:

  • When trying to start it from zoo admin, it doesn’t respond and I have to shut it down
  • When trying to start it from windows 10 service panel I’ve got a message:
    “The service zoo 6 on local computer has started then stopped. Some services automatically stop if they are not used by other programs”

Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN,

Just to confirm, you’ve download and installed zoo_6.2.18046.13391.msi?

If the service isn’t starting, check the Window Event Log. Often times there is information in there that can help.

Also, does your Zoo user any plug-ins other than we are provided with the Zoo distribution?

– Dale

hi dale, here is the event log:

Le service ne peut pas être démarré. System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: La clé donnée était absente du dictionnaire. à System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key) à ZooService.ZooLicenseTable.CleanupMismatchedClusters() dans D:\BuildAgent\work\commercial\src4\Zoo\ZooService\ZooLicenseTable.cs:ligne 155 à ZooService.ZooLicenseTable.LoadAllLicenses() dans D:\BuildAgent\work\commercial\src4\Zoo\ZooService\ZooLicenseTable.cs:ligne 197 à ZooService.ZooService.OnStart(String[] args) dans D:\BuildAgent\work\commercial\src4\Zoo\ZooService\ZooService.cs:ligne 306 à System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase.ServiceQueuedMainCallback(Object state)

I tried to reinstall but it doesn’t help. I had several zoo plugins of mine developed with zoo6WIP, i tried to remove the dll’s but no change.

Based on looking at the source code, it looks like this error is happening because not all the licenses in the table have a serial number set. Please delete all the licenses from your Zoo, and be sure your plug-in sets both the license key and serial number.

You can delete the license files here:

Does this fix the crash?

I’ve logged this bug:

Thanks @brian, it did the trick !
Have a good day

Hi Brian,
After restarting my computer this morning, the issue came back: service does not start and zoo admin tool crashes.
Same solution, I remove the license files, then restart the admin tool and it works. What is a bit weird is that an old v5 license is restored, while my v5/v6 license is not, and two custom plugins licenses are restored properly.
Any ideas?

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OK, looks like this better be prioritized up a little bit. I’ll try to get a fix out this week.

Hi Matthieu,

Can you please direct message me after doing the following:

  1. Get all your licenses in the state you want them in the Zoo
  2. Export the list of licenses to me
  3. Restart your computer and see if you get the same problem
  4. Send me the entire contents of your C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Zoo folder

hi @brian, I forgot to tell I’m using the zoo as a local server ( I don’t know if it might have any impact on the behaviour

Anything new on this matter? I’ve got to remove and recreate my zoo licenses nearly everyday

I don’t seem to have the issue anymore since last zoo update.
Thanks for helping