Zoo and Laptop question


This is probably a very obvious thing, but I am pretty ignorant about computer tech in general. So my small business is about to start using the zoo, and we have installed it on a laptop computer. Now we are wondering if this was a bad idea. In order for the zoo to function properly, does it need to be on a computer that will be connected to the internet at all times?


Also, we are planning to set up a VPN due to having a staff member who will be long distance. I don’t know if this effects my question.

Hi @Emily - I’ve moved your question to the Zoo catetory.

Hi @Emily,

Rhino systems that obtain licenses, at runtime, from a Zoo server can checkout licenses on a semi-permanent basis. This can be useful, for example, for those using laptops who might need to leave the office and work.

To check out a license from a Zoo server, first make sure that license checkout is enabled on the Zoo server. Run ZooAdmin and then pick Tools > Options.

Then, from within Rhino, click Tools > Options > Licenses. Select the Rhino license and then pick the “Checkout” button. When you are back on the office, run Tools > Options > Licenses and click the “Checkin” button to return the license too the Zoo’s pool of licenses.

– Dale