Licenses for a small business? or the Zoo?

I am one of 6 rhino users in a small business. We have Rhino Licenses for 5 desktop computers, but need to have at least 3 licenses for laptops to use outside of the office, when it is closed. To my understanding, the Zoo is exactly what I need. As I understand it, as long as the license is not in use on a desktop computer at any time, the license will be free to use on a laptop? So, really we would just need the 5 desktop licenses, and as long as 1 desktop license is “available”, then someone could work offsite on a laptop?

Thanks for the inquiry.

First, you can learn more about the Zoo here:

The Zoo works great for organizations that have more users than they do licenses of Rhino. In your case, where you want to use Zoo licenses on your laptops when your office is closed, the Zoo would work.

You should be aware, though, that Rhino’s license agreement allows you to use the software on any computers owned by you so long as the number of simultaneous users does not exceed the number of licenses you own. Thus, if the laptops are only used when the desktop systems in the office are not in use, you might find it easier to just install Rhino on the laptops, in standalone mode, and forgo the Zoo (for now).

Here is the license agreement:

Rhino 5 license agreement

Thank you so much for your quick response! I am looking into The Zoo. My only other question is, is there someone I can contact to figure out what email address is linked to each of my Rhino Licenses?

Best to contact our sales staff at either or (206) 545-7000.

– D

We are running a small studio with 5 users and no server, all based on cloud services. Is the Zoo suitable?


Hi Jose,

If you have more users than licenses, or you want to manage many licenses in one place, then you might want to use the Zoo. The Zoo runs on any ordinary Windows system - it does not require a “server.”

– Dale