Zoo 6 to 7 Upgrade issue

Hi there,

I’m trying to upgrade our Zoo license server from version 6 to version 7.
7 seems to install just fine, but after doing so port 80 is no longer listening.

I don’t know why…
Please advise,

Hi @chris.huzyk,

If you run the Zoo Diagnostic from a remote system, what results do you get?

– Dale

Hi Dave,

I’ve since reverted back the server to a previous snapshot, but I can tell you that if I attempt to telnet to the server from a remote system it won’t connect.

There is nothing to accept the port 80 connection after upgrading from Zoo 6 to Zoo 7.

Running a netstat on the server with Zoo 7 installed also doesn’t show anything listening on port 80.

I can run the zoo diagnostics tonight after hours but can’t muck with things too much during the day today while students are using the lab PCs.

Whoops, Sorry. I meant Dale. I called you Dave. Thanks Dale :blush:

Hey @chris.huzyk,

No problem lol.

Can you give us some details on the server you are hosting the LAN Zoo on? What version of Windows, for example? Also, have you configured the Zoo to listen on a specific IP address or “any” IP address?

Any details you can provide might be helpful.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Our Zoo 6 server lives on a Windows Server 2012 R2 vm. It’s fully patched.

I’ve never had this issue upgrading Zoo… only this time around from 6 to 7.

Zoo doesn’t seem to have much for options to configure from the GUI, but here’s what’s currently set.

I did try toggling the listening port to the specific IP held by the server but that didn’t help.

Yesterday before I attempted the upgrade a second time, I updated Zoo via the auto update utility first, then updated to version 7 and had the same result.

I think before I attempt anything again tonight I’ll update Zoo 6 to the latest v6 release, make sure everything works, and capture a new snapshot of the VM while shutdown so we can at least get to the latest version of Zoo 6 in a snapshot for more attempts to get to a working Zoo 7.

Tonight I’ll also run the Zoo Diag Utility which I just downloaded from a remote PC.

I think we can work on this during office / support hours if needed, but I’ll just have to put in a change request if we’re to do that, just in case we need to reboot or revert during production hours.


Hi again Dale,

I had another go at things tonight and have much more information:

It seems this isn’t just an issue upgrading from Zoo 6 to Zoo 7 on our server. The “update available” function within the Zoo admin console produces a similar result where port 80 stops listening.

Here’s what I was able to collect:






Hi @chris.huzyk,

A couple of things to look at and/or try:

1.) If the Zoo couldn’t listen on TCP Port 80, then I’d expect the Zoo service to fail to start. The fact that the UI is running conflicts with what you saying. You might check the Window Event Log to see if you find anything. From within the Zoo Administrator, click View > Event Viewer. When the Event Viewer open, navigate to Applications and Service Logs > McNeel and see if anything stands out.

2.) The Zoo installer adds both inbound and outbound rules, named Zoo TCP Port 80, to the Windows Firewall that ensure TCP Port 80 is open. You might confirm this is the case. If you are using a different firewall, then you’ll need to do this manually.

3.) The Zoo Diagnostic utility has two Zoo-specific tests: Zoo Port Check (#4 ) and Zoo Connectivity (#5). These are important tests to run:

Host "zoo.mcneel.com" listening on TCP port 80.

Connectivity test with the Zoo server "zoo.mcneel.com" successful.

Let me know if any of this helps.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

The problem was the firewall rule got changed to only allow connections from the local subnet.

Easy fix. Next time I’ll give myself a proper change window so I can poke around a bit to spot something like this before reverting back.

It might be a good idea to mention this somewhere, if it’s not. It could be that this happened when I’ve done other upgrades but just forgot to check this. It’s been a while.

Appreciate your time!

Thank you,