Upgrading Zoo

We are currently running Zoo 5.2.30328.21415 on our Windows 2003 x32 server.
We have bought a Bongo 2 license and when I tried to add it, it said unknown product - I guess this means we need to use an updated version of the Zoo server. The Bongo docs say I need Zoo 5 SR6 or above. The newest one is v6, could someone confirm the best way to update?

Will v6 run alongside v5? Will I need to transfer all my licenses across to v6? Anything else I should know about?

Thanks for any help!

Perhaps @dale or @brian can answer this when the sun comes up in Seattle :slight_smile:

Zoo 6 is a upgrade/replacement for Zoo 5. Just install Zoo 6 over the top of Zoo 5.

Zoo 6 requires .NET 4.5.


@dale I guess that means it is not compatible with Server 2003? I think .NET 4 is the highest 2003 can use.

Could you give me a link of an older version of Zoo server that doesn’t need .NET 4.5 but can still accept Bongo 2 licenses?