Zero point shift when exporting from files with V-Ray info

Hi All,

We have a simple script set up in the office to “Copy and Paste” between Rhino and AutoCAD, just using “Insert” and “Export” to a temporary file, and their equivalents in AutoCAD.

This works fine with most files, but the zero point shifts randomly when exporting from Rhino and pasting into AutoCAD with files that include any VRay information (i.e. when the file is brought into AutoCAD, the block is pasted in a long way away from where it should be). The zero point in Rhino itself is still where we would expect it to be.

Has anybody else noticed anything similar, or maybe has any suggestions re: possible causes or solutions?

Thanks in advance!

(Edit: Forgot to add - if we copy all the information from a problem file and paste into a new, blank 3dm file, the problem goes away and we can export/import as expected.)

Hi Adam- check ModelBasePoint of these files in Rhino.


Thanks Pascal - that seems to have fixed it once “ModelBasePoint” is reset back to 0,0,0.

I never knew that command existed, or that there was a different “basepoint” possible in the same model!

Much appreciated :smiley: