Rhino 7 DWG Export with wrong base point

Hi All,

Have just installed v7 and in the process of shifting across various settings/utilities etc. One of my most used utilities is a pair of short scripts to “copy/paste” from AutoCAD by reading/writing files in a specific folder… both parts worked fine in v6.

In v7, the “import” side of this works fine, but the export part places the resulting block a long way from the correct base point when inserted into in ACAD.

When I open the DWG file that Rhino creates, the drawing zero point looks correct but doesn’t insert properly into ACAD unless I set the base point as well using the “BASE” command in ACAD.

Any suggestions why this might be the case in Rhino 7 but not Rhino 6? Has the DWG export behaviour changed in some way, or is there something I’ve changed/missed in my setup in Rhino 7 that might cause this?

Any suggestions gratefully received! Thanks