Odd problem with coordinates as xref in autocad


Strange thing.

Export to dwg from Rhino causes unexplicable issue.

When you open dwg in autocad objects have coordinates as should be.
When xrefed into another autocad it is shifted some 100m away.

I think it is rhinos issue when exported to dwg release 2007.

I am posting original 3dm and exported dwg.

Open blank autocad and xref exported dwg and see coordinates are not the same as in reference 3dm. when you open exported dwg directly it is ok.

20,500_nalozka.3dm (560.9 KB)
20,500_nalozka.dwg (32.2 KB)

Hi Ivan - the model base point in the 3dm file is not the world origin - use _ModelBasePoint w0,0,0 to reset it. This can happen when you open some dwg files but I’d check your template files as well in case these have been modified.


i ll try that thanks. i did not know rhino recognized something else than w000 as model base point.

I know how this keeps happening. Anytime i write MO to command line i want to get MOVE but manytimes i get MODELBASEPOINT and i set it unknowingly.