Yes or No? An augmented reality app that allows you to view your 3d model inside an existing space?

I’ve been thinking about that augmented reality app where we could overlap our 3d models into real existing interior spaces, allowing users to view the 3d model through the app camera while inside the actual space. How it works is that you’d select common control points in the model that match the real estate, and the model would automagically scale/fit/and stick to those points so you can move around in it. This is not an app to view a standalone model–that tech already exists. This is specifically to view a model inside an existing space.

I believe this will become a thing sooner or later. Current versions of such AR seems to be limited to gaming and pokemon BS. I’m thinking of something actually useful. For myself, working in film, such AR would be useful for directors planning their shots and action scenes and being able to apply focal lengths and record their shots in that space for later reference, etc. I’m sure it would also be useful for people wanting to view their renovations inside their existing homes/offices, etc.

What do you think? If you think this this is a good idea worth pursuing, let me know as I’m considering investing in app development for this and would love to have some support. Cheers.


Great idea. I think there are some apps out there that allow you to do this with furniture. The NY Times did a tech article about this recently.


For me this would be useful. We’re actually looking into things like this to showcase furniture inside people’s home either with VR or AR. But unfortunately we’re a bit on a budget as of now…
@dmoyes Do you happen to have that article saved somewhere? Can’t seem to find it…

I think this is it. &action=click&contentCollection=technology&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=search&contentPlacement=3&pgtype=sectionfront&_r=0

Hi @siemen.
This is an Autodesk blog article short video with furniture placement.

There are several on Autodesk You Tube channels now.
They are also developing 3D Studio Max Interactive, which is refined for architects and designers, as opposed to being built directly on a gaming system. I have it but only the software at this point so can’t give personal comment.


It’ll be nice if the AR 3D space is also recorded and translated back to the 3D inside Rhino
as sort of like a extended HDRI file.
Going back from the showroom then to the PC(with/or without the goggles) to do some
tuning of the 3D work seems interesting.
Even for product design, so design as if in the PC viewport you are designing on top of a desk that exists with the HDRI of room the exists, without needed to model everything around it.

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Interesting, but it sounds more like you can only use the furniture from the apps in AR, whereas I would like to show own 3D models.

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I don’t know if you still need this, but Fologram does just that. You can find it at If you have one of the latest Android or iOS devices, you can download the free beta version and use it with your phone. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s great. It’s live so you can make changes to your model in real-time. Also works in grasshopper but I haven’t tried it yet.

Project Shark is an upcoming plugin for Grasshopper that will allow users to preview their geometry in Real-Time Augmented Reality. You can check it out at