Move inside model?

I made a really nice model of a house, including furniture inside, and I’d love to be able to see the interior a-la street view in google maps. I am aware the Rhino camera isn’t that versatile (or is it? I’ve used it for years but not in this sense) and was wondering if there was a way to do this?
Any help is much appreciated!

You can install the WalkAbout macro, but it’s a little cumbersome to set up:

I prefer using Unity (i.e. live walk-throughs, VR, etc.) or Blender (i.e. walk-through renderings), depending on what I want to do.

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Hi @hatlover
Or take a look at @Jarek’s Stork!

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i use the mouse for such actions. if you zoom in to a level where the zooming increments get slower start pressing alt while zoom and it will proceed at the same pace. all it needs is a little choreography then and a good adjusted lense length of a camera. try 20mm for instance if its really tight you might decrease it even more.

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Thanks!! I’ll try that out! I guess I just need lots of finesse… should’ve made it more like a movie set but I suffer the consequences now!!
Love this community!

ooh i’ve never heard of that! I’ll check that out as well!! Thank you so much @Normand!

EDIT: Oop I have a mac, and although stork looks like it fits my needs perfectly… unfortunately my computer might disagree… :sob:

haha that is also a viable option but cumbersome and I are not usually good friends… I’ll check it out too though! Thank you so much!

In case automation is not the intent, manipulating the Camera widget may lead to very decent behaviours.

Rodolfo Santos.

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Argh, so sorry for getting your hopes up @hatlover :grimacing: I hadn’t noticed the Mac tag on the post - my bad :flushed:

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Rhino walkthrough/flythrough is either scroll wheel + alt or alt+RMB drag.

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haha don’t worry! It’s my own fault, everyone’s been trying to get me on the PC train for years and I’m holding out…