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Hello All,

Under the evaluation license, I’ve been working on my house design project using Rhino + VisualArq, and I’ve made good, but fairly slow progress on it. I have a detailed design of the floor plan and house envelope, situated within the property boundaries and conforming with the various setback requirements of the town. All of the geometry is correct and consistent to the nearest 0.01 foot.

Here’s my question. I would like to populate the rooms with various objects - furniture, appliances, cars, cabinets, etc - to get a better visual feel for the useability of the design. It would be very nice if there were a library of such generic objects already made, that I can just drag and drop into the spaces of the floor plan. I haven’t found anything like that in visual arq or rhino. But maybe I just don’t know where to look for it. My modeling skills at this point might reasonably be characterized as pre-natal, which is why I’d like to find a library of canned objects.

Can you suggest anything along this line?

Thanks in advance,


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I use GrabCad, you’ll find a medley of free and for-purchase 3D content.

Also, the only reason I have SketchUp installed is to use their “Warehouse”.

FlyingArchitecture is another one. Not much free stuff.

You can get high-end 3D assets from Evermotion

I wish Rhino had a built-in asset library. sigh…

Hi Ken - there is a huge amount of stuff like this available on line - as 3dm (Rhino) files and other formats, many of them meshes. I’d suggest getting models that are as simple as can be useful to you - not detailed ones if you do not need them, and for repoeated objects (chairs, light fixtures etc) , Insert these files as blocks, rather than Import them. These will help keep the file size and performance manageable.