Yatinapo Lives!

Mayan god of napkin rings. Reconstruction of the statue in the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico City.

Rhino and Grasshopper


Very nice, you really have your OWN style.
I like a lot the Iso Contour pattern, but I was not able to mimic it. You must use a distance metric not conventional like a sort of shortest path passing through the edges of the triangles faces.

Thanks Laurent! I used the Face Bands component from Mesh+, which “indexes mesh faces based on their topological distance from naked edges or selected points”. I started out with a brep, used Mesh Machine for the triangular mesh and then, in addition to the original brep edges, randomly deleted a number of faces so I could also use those naked edges as seeds for the pattern to spread out from…

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very cool !
I think the head shape seems difficult to deal with.
Did you use sub-D?
Anyway, this is amazing work.

Thank you! I didn’t use SubD. I had been using tSplines, but thought I should start weaning myself off of that and familiarizing myself with Rhino SubD. In the interim, what I did here was to start by lofting a surface that was a rough approximation of the head, including the beak, and then extracting about a dozen isocurves on one side (since its symmetrical). After that, it was basically a tedious chore of playing with the control points of the curves until I couldn’t stand it any longer. So, the head really is one surface, although I did split off the beak at the end. I guess you can look at it as using SubD if you were only pulling vertices.